About Us

This age of high-tech living wedding is still considered most important event in life because of its foundation of building a new family. A declaration to the world of your new beginning and lifetime commitment to your spouse.

"Henna Artist role is so important in wedding as it kicks off the wedding festivity"

Creating memorable memories is our passion since last 18years. Drawing lines, flowers, circles give amazing satisfaction… like Meditation. After winning competition in DC gave me confidence to start professionally as self-taught Henna Artist.

Mehndi is also known as Henna. Use of Henna/Mehndi has a rich tradition in several cultures all over world like…. India, Pakistan, Nepal, Middle East and parts of Africa. Henna (Lawsonia Inermis) is a plant and Henna paste made from Henna leaves. The leaves are crushed into the fine powder and mixed with essential oils to create a smooth paste. Henna leaves gives a red burgundy color, called Lawsone.

We use 100% natural organic henna powder, the paste itself smells heavenly. We DO NOT use black Henna.

Henna color wears off, and that's the beauty about it. You can have a new art each time.